My Wish for 2015


As the Ferris Wheel goes around, it stops to pick up and drop off passengers. Life is like that, our minds can be like that. I have been holding on to self judgment like an unwanted passenger.

I have been reflecting on how I allow myself to be affected by others expectations or demands of me or my time. I notice that this affect keeps me small on many levels. Having people close is what life is about, but sometimes the closeness brings more criticism & judgment… While friends & family want to help and be supportive, the best support is to just listen and not tell someone what they should or shouldn’t do (unless advice is what we are seeking).
This is something that, as a friend (wife, sister & daughter), I have been practicing over the past few years. While I believe I may know what is best for someone, I don’t. I can only truly know and do what is best for me. It has been a challenge for me to hold back when I feel I have the answer… Sometimes I don’t. Every time I tell someone what they should or shouldn’t be doing, I am shaming them . I am very familiar with this feeling, as I have been shamed much of my life.

I am making a decision to being more honest with myself and others when creating boundaries for myself… The clearer and more conscious I am, the brighter I (& we) can shine… I don’t want to be changed or fixed and I don’t want to change or fix anyone. My presence is enough (more than enough)…

My wish for 2015 is to be the year I allow myself to shine bright like the diamond that I am & enjoy the ride.

May you all be Happy, Healthy, Joyous & Free (and everything in between).