One of those days…


Yesterday was one of those days. Simply perfect.

The sky was blue. The sun was shining. The air was clear. I spent the entire day put-sing around my yard. I had a deep desire to get into the earth, to clear the ground for new growth. I trimmed, pruned, raked & I knelt and pulled back leaves to free the ground for all the plants to breath in the fresh air and be kissed by the sun. I saw ferns beginning their journey to open… I felt as if I was unfurling. Life can be like that.

The dogs took in the sun. Mac lay on the dirt; Cora regally took center stage on the green grass, both sniffing in the smells… I played with them. I rubbed their soft bellies when they offered them up to the sky. I threw sticks and watched them chase each other. They had really playful moments, but mostly they just took it all in. The sun. The grass. The sticks. The smells. The earth. Dogs are amazing how insanely they take in the wild air… like they can’t get a deep enough breath.

I ate sweet potatoes and drank iced tea. I nested a bit inside and set an intention to get flowers for the kitchen table.

By late afternoon, I showered and changed to go teach the last yoga class in an 8 week series. I began to drive and take in all the blooms on the way. I had an overwhelming feeling wash over me… I found myself in awe of my life.

I get to do this… I get all of this. It is a magnificent world that I get to live in. When I open up my eyes and my heart to the wonder of it all, it truly is limitless. 

This has been one of those days‘, I thought to myself. One of those magically delicious in every way kind of days… and I was off to work. I get to call teaching yoga work! I get to invite people to be connected to earth, to be conscious, to see their shadows (to face them bravely). I get to inspire to lift others higher!

There was a time in my life when I knew my life wouldn’t be easy. That time is gone. I know my life will only be easy now- as long as I believe. You see, believing isn’t very hard to do. It takes courage. It takes heart. Most of all it takes showing up for yourself.

At the end of the class I received 2 gifts: a sweet bouquet of purple tulips & a handmade soap. When I got home, I read the cards that were attached to these gifts. They filled my heart even more… Tears were shed because my heart was so full.

The flowers sit on my kitchen table just where I intended them to be.

Yesterday was one of those days… It was perfect in every way.